Grundy Custom “Flintriver” Banjo

Grundy “Flintriver” Custom “Indian Chief” Maple 5 String Banjo- New - Laurie Grundy of Missouri is making some of the finest traditional banjos in modern times and this is another example of his outstanding work. Based on the highly regarded 30’s era sound and construction, he hit’s the “nail on the head” with that deep warm punchy tone and projection along with the finest materials and inlay work that can be found. All the notes flow sweetly from this instrument and is effortless in playability.  Extremely flamed Maple resonator & neck, Grundy 20 hole tone ring, Grundy one piece flange, finish on the tension hoop, tone ring & flange are bell brass and not gold plated, Maple one piece rim with one glue joint, 5/8’’ Maple bridge with Ebony insert, gold Presto traditional tailpiece, triple bound resonator & Ebony fingerboard, gold tuners with Pearloid buttons, intricate detailed “Indian Chief” full head dress in center of peghead along with swirled designs as well as fingerboard inlays to match.  Another one-of-a-kind with beauty, rarity, sound & playability. We recommend you try one of these before you purchase any higher end instrument. Priced with deluxe hard case.



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